Physicians Costa Rica operates within a large area. To be able to offer the best medical care, top professionals, and travel where we are needed, we need funds. We are very fortunate and grateful to our sponsors for making it possible for us to help so many people everyday in such a large area. There are thousands of people who do not have access to proper healthcare or the financial means to get it. Our sponsors make it possible to help these people regardless of where they are, who they are, or what they can pay.

Our sponsors include:

Costa Rica Pharmacy Chain

The Costa Rica pharmacy chain supplies us with the necessary medicines and vaccines that we need. They offer all the necessary supplies at the best prices and have made several generous donations to our cause and clinics. They have a chain of top pharmacies across Costa Rica and are known for their great service.

Taste of South America

Taste of South America is a local restaurant that makes the best traditional and local dishes. The owner of this restaurant is very kind and generous and has made many of our trips into unknown territories possible. He often sponsors food packages for our travels and donates funds towards improving our equipment.

Tino General Stores

Tino General Stores are a chain of general supermarket stores that have sponsored many food packages, water, and other daily necessities for our clinics, staff, and traveling doctors. They make it easy for us to perform our daily services without worrying about where food and other general supplies will come from.

We are extremely grateful to these sponsors and will continue performing our best healthcare services to honor their donations and support.

Queen City Health Center

Queen City Health Center is a total body wellness center located in the United States in Charlotte, NC and specializing in chiropractic care and holistic alternative medicine practices. We are excited to partner with them in a variety of philanthropic efforts this year that will work to bring better health to people of developing and developed nations alike. Stay tuned into our blog for more info in the near future!