About Us

Physicians Costa Rica is an organization of doctors that specialize in travel medicine in Costa Rica and South America. Our team consists of physicians, doctors, therapists, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and other traveling medical practitioners. We have clinics all over and also have teams that travel across Costa Rica and South America to reach out to families in need of quality healthcare services.

We are passionate about and dedicated to ensuring that everyone, whether traveling or residents, has the opportunity to receive the healthcare they need at affordable prices. All of the members of our team are highly qualified to practice medicine and are registered with all the necessary boards and regulatory bodies. Our team has a strong desire to care for those in need.

When visiting a Physicians Costa Rica clinic or traveling clinic, each patient’s risk profile is assessed and he or she is treated accordingly. This is especially aimed at travelers who may not have gotten the necessary vaccinations before they left home or people in far off or impoverished areas where healthcare is tough to find. We offer general healthcare options for colds, flu, and other ailments. We specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and health concerns related to the Costa Rican and South American environments and health dangers.

Physicians Costa Rica also specializes in preparing residents of Costa Rica and South America for travels outside of the relevant countries. Just as you need vaccinations to come to Costa Rica and the South American countries, you also need specific health precautions when visiting other countries.