5 Things to Look for in Your Travel Doctor

When traveling to a new country, especially the ones with tropical and deadly diseases, you need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure you stay healthy. I can tell you horror stories about people who didn’t get the necessary vaccinations before they left and about people who contracted tropical diseases that have caused them health problems that will last until they die. When traveling, you need to educate yourself and have a travel doctor. To get the best travel doctor, follow these tips:

1. Choose a doctor who is a travel or tropical medicine specialist. Find a doctor who is a specialist in travel medicine and/or tropical diseases. It is even better if you find a specialist that specializes in the country where you are traveling to.

2. Choose a doctor who has personal travel experience and who has practiced in developing nations. First-hand experience on traveling and how medicine works in other countries will make your doctor the best option. A doctor who hasn’t experienced these things themselves may not be able to fully understand all the implications, diagnoses, and other factors.

3. Choose a doctor who listens well. It may not seem like a big deal to have a doctor who is a good listener. However, you need a doctor who you can communicate with, who can listen to your needs, and give you the correct advice and treatment.

4. Choose a doctor who has a good network of local and international colleagues. A doctor who has a wide and varied network to consult will be better equipped to get you the right answers and advice for your specific situation. When it comes to tropical diseases it often happens that doctors need to confer with colleagues to confirm the diagnosis or treatment.

5. Choose a doctor who returns your calls and emails. You need to have a doctor who you can rely on to respond to your communication. Doctors are busy and shouldn’t be harassed, but in the case of serious illness or tropical diseases, you may need to have more constant contact.

A travel doctor who offers all these things is a good choice for your healthcare at home and in a foreign country.